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A Blessing Prayer from Isaiah 40:25-31

I bless you with the GREATNESS of our GOD!
Our GOD to whom there is NO equal!
Our GOD to whom none can compare!
Our GOD who created ALL the stars,
Bringing them out like an army, one after another!
Calling them each by their name!
Our GOD, who because of His GREAT power and incomparable strength,
Not one single star is missing!

I bless you that this is your GOD!
The very same GOD who sees your troubles!
The very same GOD who will not ignore your rights!

YES! I bless you that this is your GOD!
The CREATOR of all the earth!
I bless you with how He never grows weak or weary!
No one can measure the depths of His understanding!
I bless you with how He gives power to the weak
And strength to the powerless!

I bless you with finding NEW strength in Him!
I bless you with soaring high on wings like eagles!
I bless you with running and not growing weary!
YES! I bless you with walking and not fainting
As you trust in the LORD!
Even wait upon the LORD, your GOD!

So, what do you think ?