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My heart is heavy because of all the social unrest and turmoil going on.
It touches me deeply and personally! My heart and spirit were somewhat
comforted by Psalm 46 today and I lift that up over us all, our cities, our
nation. I bless you today with leaning into all that your “God is as your
REFUGE and STRENGTH! He is always ready to HELP in times of trouble!
I bless you to rest in His sovereignty and eternal steadfastness and not be
afraid though everything around us is swirling and out of control – even
cities and nations in chaos!
I bless you that where God is there is SECURITY and we can never be shaken!
I bless you with His HELP appearing!
All it takes is one word from His mighty VOICE for things to disintegrate,
for wars to end and weapons to be destroyed!
I bless you, with His mighty PRESENCE! The Commander!
The Lord of Heavens Armies!
That He is HERE in our midst!
Yes! I bless you that the mighty Lord of Heavens Armies,
our Commander is your FORTRESS!
I bless you to give Him your angst!
To lean into Him, to be still, knowing that He is God! God above it all!”

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