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A Blessing Prayer from portions of Psalm 18

I bless you in your calling on the LORD
Who is worthy to be praised!
Yes, I bless you in your declaring your great love to Him
For He is your STRENGTH!
The ONE who has and is saving you from your enemies!

I bless you with how GOD is your ROCK in whom you find protection!
He is your ROCK, your FORTRESS, and your SAVIOR!
I bless you with how He is the POWER that saves you!
He is your SHIELD and your place of SAFETY!

I bless you with the LORD your GOD lighting up your darkness!
Yes!  I bless you with His lighting a lamp for you!
I bless you that in His STRENGTH you can crush an army!
Yes! I bless you with scaling any wall with your GOD!

I bless you with the LORD’S promises proving true!
He is a SHIELD for all who look to Him for protection!
I bless you with His arming you with STRENGTH
And making your way perfect!

I bless you with His HELP making you great:
His giving you a SHIELD of VICTORY;
His right hand supporting you!
Yes!  I bless you with His making a wide path for your feet
To keep them from slipping!

The LORD lives!  I bless you in singing praises to your ROCK!
He alone is your DAILY SAVING GRACE!
Guiding and directing you,
Keeping you safe,
Demonstrating to you His UNFAILING LOVE!

Yes!  I bless you that this is your God!
(from Psalm 18:1-3; 28-32; 35-36)

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