A Blessing Prayer from Psalm 18:28-50
(from the Message Bible)

I bless you with God’s suddenlies flood-lighting your life!
Blazing you with His glory:
His compassion, mercy and GRACE
His unfailing love and faithfulness
Slowness to anger and forever forgiveness!
Blazing you with His awesome GRACEpower!
GRACEpower enabling you to scale any wall and leap the highest fences!
GRACEpower that comes from His Spirit
That raised Jesus from the dead
Seating Him at the Father’s right hand
Far above all rule power and authority
Naming Him, Jesus!
Lord of Lords and King of Kings!
Your Champion in the seen and unseen realm
The Faithful and true One riding the white horse!

I bless you with how this is your God!
There is none other like Him!
This is the same God who arms you!
Has aimed you in the right direction!
So that you run like a deer!
He shows you how to fight
So you can bend a bronze bow!
He protects you with His salvation-armor!
Holding you up with a firm hand.
He clears the ground under you
So that your footing is firm!

He is your God! Your Rock and High Tower!
Your free and freeing God
Setting things right for you
Rescuing you from enemy anger
Saving you from the enemies of your soul!

I bless you with His covenant of LIFE and PEACE,
A covenant purchased by His blood that speaks the word FORGIVEN! (Hebrews 12:24)
A covenant that precedes and stands above all plans and schemes of evil.

I bless you with heart-filled gratitude and joy!
Singing His Praises!
I bless you with His rich goodness and unfailing love
surrounding you and pursuing you all the days of your life.



A Blessing Prayer from portions of Psalm 18

I bless you in your calling on the LORD
Who is worthy to be praised!
Yes, I bless you in your declaring your great love to Him
For He is your STRENGTH!
The ONE who has and is saving you from your enemies!

I bless you with how GOD is your ROCK in whom you find protection!
He is your ROCK, your FORTRESS, and your SAVIOR!
I bless you with how He is the POWER that saves you!
He is your SHIELD and your place of SAFETY!

I bless you with the LORD your GOD lighting up your darkness!
Yes!  I bless you with His lighting a lamp for you!
I bless you that in His STRENGTH you can crush an army!
Yes! I bless you with scaling any wall with your GOD!

I bless you with the LORD’S promises proving true!
He is a SHIELD for all who look to Him for protection!
I bless you with His arming you with STRENGTH
And making your way perfect!

I bless you with His HELP making you great:
His giving you a SHIELD of VICTORY;
His right hand supporting you!
Yes!  I bless you with His making a wide path for your feet
To keep them from slipping!

The LORD lives!  I bless you in singing praises to your ROCK!
He alone is your DAILY SAVING GRACE!
Guiding and directing you,
Keeping you safe,
Demonstrating to you His UNFAILING LOVE!

Yes!  I bless you that this is your God!
(from Psalm 18:1-3; 28-32; 35-36)

A Blessing Prayer from Psalm 121

I bless your eyes to be opened to see
As you are looking for where your help comes –
Even as you look to the mountains for help!
That your help comes from the Lord!
From El-Shaddai, Lord God Almighty!
Even the Lord who made the heavens and the earth!

I bless you that He is your GOD!
He is where your help comes from!
He will not slumber or sleep!
I bless you with His continual watching over you!
Not letting you stumble!
Always awake!

Yes! I bless you that He is your GOD!
The Lord who watches over your life!
Standing beside you as your protective shade!
Jehovah Himself! Caring for you!
Defending you!  Protecting you!
Keeping you from all evil!
Keeping your life!

Yes!  I bless you with the Lord Himself keeping watch
Over your coming and your going!
Always guarding you!
Today and forever!


A Blessing Prayer from Psalm 23

I bless all that the Lord is as your Shepherd and King!
Providing all that you need in Him.

I bless you with the rest He provides in green meadows!
How He leads you beside peaceful streams!
Renewing your strength!

I bless you with His guiding you along right paths
Bringing honor to his name!

I bless you with His walking close beside you
So that you are not afraid!
Even when walking through the darkest valley!

I bless you with His rod and staff
Protecting and comforting you!
Leading and guiding you!

I bless you with the feast He prepares for you
In the presence of your enemies!

I bless you with how He honors you:
By anointing your head with oil!
Causing your cup to overflow with His blessings!

I bless you with His goodness and unfailing love pursuing you
All the days of your life!

Yes!  I bless you with living in the house of the Lord forever!

A Blessing Prayer from Psalm 91

I bless you with the security
That comes from dwelling in the shelter of the Most High.

I bless you with finding rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

I bless you with the Lord as your refuge, your place of safety.
The Lord is your God and you are trusting in Him.

I bless you with the deliverance (daily saving grace) that comes from the Lord!
His rescuing you from every trap
His protecting you from the fatal plague
His shielding you with His wings,
His sheltering you with His feathers.
His faithful promises as your armor and protection.

I bless you with not being afraid:
Of the terrors of the night
Of the dangers of the day
Of the plague that stalks in the darkness
Of the disaster that strikes at midday.

I bless you that no evil will touch you:
Though a thousand fall at your side
Though ten thousand are dying around you.

I bless you with seeing this with your eyes,
Seeing how the wicked are punished.

As you make the Lord your refuge and your shelter
I bless you with no evil conquering you
I bless you with no plague coming near your dwelling.
I bless you with His ordering His angels to protect you wherever you go.
I bless you with His angels holding you with their hands
To keep you from striking your foot on a stone.
I bless you with trampling down lions and poisonous snakes
I bless you with crushing fierce lions and serpents under your feet.

I bless you with the Lord’s own words:
I will rescue those who love me.

I will protect those who trust in my name.
When they call on me, I will answer.
I will be with them in trouble.
I will rescue them and honor them.
I will satisfy them with a long life and give them my salvation.