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A Blessing Prayer from Psalm 121

I bless your eyes to be opened to see
As you are looking for where your help comes –
Even as you look to the mountains for help!
That your help comes from the Lord!
From El-Shaddai, Lord God Almighty!
Even the Lord who made the heavens and the earth!

I bless you that He is your GOD!
He is where your help comes from!
He will not slumber or sleep!
I bless you with His continual watching over you!
Not letting you stumble!
Always awake!

Yes! I bless you that He is your GOD!
The Lord who watches over your life!
Standing beside you as your protective shade!
Jehovah Himself! Caring for you!
Defending you!  Protecting you!
Keeping you from all evil!
Keeping your life!

Yes!  I bless you with the Lord Himself keeping watch
Over your coming and your going!
Always guarding you!
Today and forever!


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