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A Blessing Prayer from Psalm 18:28-50
(from the Message Bible)

I bless you with God’s suddenlies flood-lighting your life!
Blazing you with His glory:
His compassion, mercy and GRACE
His unfailing love and faithfulness
Slowness to anger and forever forgiveness!
Blazing you with His awesome GRACEpower!
GRACEpower enabling you to scale any wall and leap the highest fences!
GRACEpower that comes from His Spirit
That raised Jesus from the dead
Seating Him at the Father’s right hand
Far above all rule power and authority
Naming Him, Jesus!
Lord of Lords and King of Kings!
Your Champion in the seen and unseen realm
The Faithful and true One riding the white horse!

I bless you with how this is your God!
There is none other like Him!
This is the same God who arms you!
Has aimed you in the right direction!
So that you run like a deer!
He shows you how to fight
So you can bend a bronze bow!
He protects you with His salvation-armor!
Holding you up with a firm hand.
He clears the ground under you
So that your footing is firm!

He is your God! Your Rock and High Tower!
Your free and freeing God
Setting things right for you
Rescuing you from enemy anger
Saving you from the enemies of your soul!

I bless you with His covenant of LIFE and PEACE,
A covenant purchased by His blood that speaks the word FORGIVEN! (Hebrews 12:24)
A covenant that precedes and stands above all plans and schemes of evil.

I bless you with heart-filled gratitude and joy!
Singing His Praises!
I bless you with His rich goodness and unfailing love
surrounding you and pursuing you all the days of your life.



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