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A Blessing Prayer from Psalm 23

I bless all that the Lord is as your Shepherd and King!
Providing all that you need in Him.

I bless you with the rest He provides in green meadows!
How He leads you beside peaceful streams!
Renewing your strength!

I bless you with His guiding you along right paths
Bringing honor to his name!

I bless you with His walking close beside you
So that you are not afraid!
Even when walking through the darkest valley!

I bless you with His rod and staff
Protecting and comforting you!
Leading and guiding you!

I bless you with the feast He prepares for you
In the presence of your enemies!

I bless you with how He honors you:
By anointing your head with oil!
Causing your cup to overflow with His blessings!

I bless you with His goodness and unfailing love pursuing you
All the days of your life!

Yes!  I bless you with living in the house of the Lord forever!

So, what do you think ?

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